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Writer, Podcast/Video/Web Producer, Coffee Connoisseur, Tinkerer.

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​These Antarctic Birds Remember Humans...And Hold A Grudge

Antarctic Brown Skuas appeared to remember which scientists raided their nests—and attacked them

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When Witnesses Agree 100%, They're Probably Wrong

Perfect agreement among witnesses is so unlikely that it should be considered a red flag, a study suggests

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These Politicians Legalized Raw Milk...And Then Got Sick

When raw milk advocates catch a stomach bug, we're not saying there's a connection—just a certain poetic justice

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Texas Disavows Its Own Study Of Planned Parenthood

After a study by one Texas health official concluded that closing Planned Parenthood harmed women's health, he resigned. Now, Texas is demanding a correction.

2016 02 17 paralyzed tech 16 9 header796247203 article

How Bionic Exoskeletons Are Rewriting The Rules Of Paralysis

Meet the bionic exoskeletons that are teaching people to walk again—long after doctors have given up hope

2016 02 15 scalia science 16 9 header1680575840 article

How Scalia's Death Could Impact Science On The Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was a staunch conservative—but he could be science-friendly, too

Gettyimages 4795768931635300389 article

How Science Is Woven Into New York Fashion Week

Behind every runway model is a team of materials scientists, pushing the limits of fabrics and fibers

Zika2379337664 article

Here's How Zika Virus Could End Up In The United States

Most of the U.S. is too cold for the mosquitoes behind Zika virus to survive. But we're not entirely in the clear

2016 01 20 microchip ill 16 9 header2504320211 article

Dark Net: How Biohackers And Grinders Hack The FDA

Biohackers implant LEDs, RFID chips and other bits of technology into their bodies. Here's how the FDA responds

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What Happens When A Country Without Abortion Bans Pregnancy?

In response to Zika virus, officials are promoting a two-year ban on pregnancy in El Salvador—where abortions are illegal and birth control is hard to come by

2016 01 21 bdsm brain ill dq 16 9 header1402640119 article

Dark Net: Why Your Brain Loves BDSM

DARK NET: Scientists have only just scratched the surface of the neuroscience and psychology behind BDSM and kinky sex

Dsc036781467562693 article

Live @ CES: Test Flying A Bionic Exoskeleton

Meet R70i, the bionic exoskeleton that drains away your super powers to help you empathize with the elderly

Rtx1e92f2117825635 article

Monsanto Is Spraying Glyphosate Everywhere—And It Doesn't Matter

Roundup is one of the safest weed-killers on the market.

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New Yorkers Can Now Buy Kosher Weed

New York State has legalized medical marijuana, and the kosher industry is getting involved

2015 12 29 organ illo 16 9 header3560109122 article

Why Your New Year's Detox Is A Terrible Idea

Scratch that detox off your New Year's resolution list—because it’s junk science